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Casa Kaspé

Remodeled apartment • Mexico City, Mexico • Completion 2018

A radical transformation of an existing two-floor apartment of 250 square metres in central Mexico City. All unnecessary elements such as dividing walls, false ceilings and decorations were removed resulting in large open spaces. A series of curved walls separate yet connect rooms with each other within a new open-plan layout by creating slender passageways between the different functions of the house, such as kitchen and living room; or bedroom and bathroom. The defining element on both floors is a wall of doors of 17 metres length along the entire depth of the apartment. The overlapping doors allow for easy access to storage, but also serve as kitchen, open bathroom and walk-along closet. The apartment stretches across two floors with spiral stairs enhancing the continuous spatial character of the apartment. Various furniture pieces were specifically designed for the space such as a 4 metres long table with glossy piano lacquer finish. • Photography: Dane Alonso