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Furniture line and exhibition scenography • St. Gallen, Switzerland • Completion 2017

‘stiff’ is rigid, light, stable, elegant, curved, grey. ‘stiff’ is made from ultrathin textile concrete. ‘stiff’ is a furniture line developed for the interior of the exhibition ‘Neue Stoffe-New Stuff’, a survey on technical textiles at the Textilmuseum St. Gallen. Gently curved forms, only realisable with the thin material, have been developed into furniture elements such as walls, tables, pedestals and seats. The soft cotton surface of the hybrid material stands in strong contrast to the thin but hard concrete core providing the necessary stability. The formal language of the furniture is a direct expression of the progression of force within the material. The forms appear soft and flexible and yet they are rigid, load-bearing structures that appear frozen in a transitionary state • Photography: Jürg Zürcher